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Sleepow Testimonials

“The Sleepow is what I’ve needed all my life, and I didn’t even realize it. First of all, I’ve been trying to find a comfortable pillow, and Sleepow’s memory foam provides me great support for my long neck. Secondly, I love going to sleep with music, but don’t want to leave music on all night long, nor listen to mono music from my cell phone. The option for programming allows me to hear all my favorite chill out artists like Bob Marley and Thievery Corporation while I drift off into sleep. For a teacher who is a night owl like me, every moment of sleep counts and Sleepow has made a major contribution to my ability to sleep quickly and peacefully.”

Micah Winston, Teacher

Amherst, MA.


“Being an athlete, I don’t get enough sleep. Sometimes, even if I’m dead tired, I’m so wired from a workout that I can’t fall asleep. Someone suggested trying relaxation music so I went online and saw this pillow which plays music. It wasn’t that expensive so I figured I have nothing to lose. Unbelievable! This thing had me unconscious in minutes! The added energy I get from a good sleep has been improving the quality of my workouts. My buddies are wondering what happened to me and I just say Sleepow!”

Kent Duckham, Architect

Newton, MA.


“As an entrepreneur, I stay up later hours, work hard on technology burning the candle at both ends as some would say. When I found this really amazing musical pillow at a technology show, I was amazed. Although I was somewhat on the fence of buying another pillow after I just purchased one, I was also someone who was fascinated with the novelty of a pillow that plays music. What’s great is that it really worked on my first listen when I tried it one night. Then, the next it worked even better to the point I used up the whole entire battery. Can’t wait to charge it again, so that in a few hours I can turn it on! I tried counting sheep in the past, I found that not to be the best for me. I gave the sheep a rest, and turned on the Sleepow pillow for a restful night! I highly recommend everyone give this pillow a try for at least a week, and you’ll love it.”

Eric Leebow, Entrepreneur ( High-Tech )

New York, NY


Hi, thanks for your e-mail and  info. I do love my pillow:-)

I suppose it is a matter of getting used to it. 

The music idea is brilliant,  I would like to add some of my own to it.


Hilary T Jerusalem, Israel.


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